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Property Management in Chandler AZ

Property Owners Should be Familiar with the Arizona Landlord Tenant Act

If you’re considering investing in Chandler rental property, you should be familiar with Arizona’s well-defined rules and regulations as they apply to landlords. If you are found to be non-compliant, the state can potentially impose fines. You’ll keep your liability to a minimum when you follow the rules! Just a few of the specifics for landlords to keep in mind are listed below:

• Landlords must establish a separate, interest-bearing account for tenant security deposits. Failure to separate deposit accounts from operating accounts constitutes “co-mingling” of funds and violates state law.

• Rights guaranteed to tenants in a lease cannot be required to be “given up” by landlords under any circumstances.

• Landlords must mail any refundable security deposits to tenants within 14 business days of a lease’s pre-determined end date.

• A tenant may legally “break” their lease if they are a victim of domestic violence.

• Families with children cannot be refused a lease by a landlord unless the property falls under the category of “age-restricted.”

• Landlords are required to furnish to tenants a signed copy of their lease, and all non-refundable fees and deposits must be clearly explained in writing.

Professional Property Management Companies Keep You Current on Changing Laws

Avoid unnecessary fines by keeping current with the state’s changing laws and regulations. An experienced property manager will be aware of the state’s current laws, as well as how to navigate the laws specific to the city in which you own property. Contact a professional at Desert Wide Properties today to learn more.

Desert Wide Properties has over 30 years of professional property management experience, and is ready to assist you with your needs today! Knowledgeable leasing agents and seasoned managers will screen prospective tenants, always ensuring that your best interests are well-served. Invest confidently in Chandler real estate with the knowledge that Desert Wide will provide the very best of Chandler Property Management.

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