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Schools in Chandler, Arizona

The Perfect School for Kids with Chandler Public Schools

The Chandler Unified School District serves over 31,000 students in grades K-12. As one of the fastest-growing school districts in the state, CUSD is home to: 23 elementary schools, 3 junior highs and 3 high schools.

With test scores that are regularly above the state average, CUSD students focus on a curriculum that is rooted in math, reading and language. This focus has paid off for Chandler’s students, as the CUSD has been recognized for academic excellence by the U.S Department of Education and the state of Arizona.

Visit the:Chandler School District Website to get quick access to school calendars, enrollment forms, school boundary information, etc.

Charter Schools Provide Educational Choices

A charter school is an innovative public school that has autonomy from the format and regulations found within the traditional school system. Usually formed by parents and educators with common ideals, charter schools are developed around specific themes such as classical learning, business development or the performing arts.

Students, who are inspired by a particular charter school’s goals, will often thrive in that environment, within the context of a specific educational vision.

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Chandler Unified School District 1525 W. Frye Road Chandler, Arizona 85224 (480) 812-7651

For Charter Schools:

Private Schools in Chandler, Arizona

Private Schools are another consideration for parents and students. Traditionally, private schools have been good options for families who value strong academics, small classes, particular resources or specific religious affiliations.

For Additional Information about Chandler Private Schools:

Chandler is the Home of Chandler-Gilbert Community College

CGCC is a two year college that values academic inquiry and excellence, along with creativity and community involvement. Existing programs serve over 50 areas of emphasis, and can lead to an associate’s degree or Certificate. Transfer programs with a focus on general education, are also provided.

In addition to degree seekers, CGCC serves the community of Chandler through continuing education. A variety of stimulating non- credit courses are offered to inspire and challenge those who value life-long-learning. Topics include art, personal growth, investments, hobbies, wellness and computers.

If you have a passion that you’re interested in teaching in a non-credit format, you may even submit a proposal and possibly find yourself off on a new adventure!

For Additional Information about CGCC:

In sum, Chandler, Arizona is a community where excellent education is for all ages is aspired to.

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